Top 5 Tips To Get Traffic From Pinterest

Like most of the social networking addicts, if you are also wondering about the ways to get traffic from Pinterest – you have come to the right place!

The most influential people on Pinterest are bloggers and social media influencers – also known as “tastemakers”. Here, brands can learn a lot from how they flourish and maintain their followers, whose numbers continue to rise as the platform steadily increases its user-base.



Get Traffic From Pinterest

5 Tips to Get Traffic From Pinterest

Five useful tips to get traffic from Pinterest.


1. Pin an original post during peak hours

Researches show most people are on Pinterest in the afternoon hours of 14:00 – 16:00 EST and around 20:00 – 01:00 EST in the evening. One must aim to schedule the content during those peak times, which is easier with publishing tools. Studies show that repining what every else writes would get you no publicity – infact people would start shunning posts from then on.

Therefore, it is important to create a visual yet valuable original content which would not only increase your number of readers but most people would want to circulate pins which are creative and original thus making your page gain more exposure. The number of pins should also be limited to however much is necessary – too many and too less, both would prove troublesome.


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2. Focus on popular issues

A highly underutilized technique is to incorporate trending topics into one’s titles or as keywords within the content or captions. It is vital to incorporate current affairs and popular issues concerning the world at large – as this would attract more people from different walks of life.


3. Use humorous and catchy titles

Writing something that eye-catching and humorous is always the safe way to go about things. This way, you not only attract more writers but also develop a platform for people to turn to when in dire need of subtlety in writing.


4. Include interesting videos and images on your post

Our posts must not only be descriptive in terms of its content but must also convey its message through interesting images. This would catch the eye of a random browser who might find it interesting. These images could be cartoon sketches or satirical images on current affairs. The idea is to attract more and more people to see your unusual manner of approaching a post in Pinterest. This becomes quite a challenge due to the large number of people in social networking websites today. Therefore, one must keep the post simple yet different from others.


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5. Using unique labels and titles for each image or video

Apart from the inclusion of interesting images and videos in a post, it is important to put unique labels for each. Since the labels would be highlighted and italicized in a post, it catches the attention of any reader right at the beginning. The labels also give an overview of the vital points explored in the post, therefore it is important to make them interesting – to attract more and more readers.


I’ve shared 5 tips to get traffic from Pinterest and I hope you’ll like and follow them to increase your blog traffic. As always I want to hear from you – start the discussion and share your tips about Pinterest traffic.

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