Speed Up Your WordPress Blog Quickly (Infographic)

There are  more than 75 million web sites across the globe powered by WordPress, making the CMS easily one of the world’s most popular web publishing platforms. Many of these blogs tend to drag along like snails trying to climb up a 60% grade. Is your WordPress blog one of these?

Does it seem to take forever for your WordPress blog to load and change pages? Do you find that it’s slow to load, slow to refresh, and slow to use? If so, you are not alone!

This is a very common problem, and it is usually easy to fix. This slowness can be due to any number of factors, such as having too many plug-ins installed or having plug-ins improperly-installed, or having inadequate hosting bandwidth to meet the demands of your web site.

You can make modest changes to your WordPress installation to help improve the performance of your site, though, so don’t think this is just the price you pay for using WordPress.

WordPress is very flexible and intuitive, but there are many aspects of the site that are automatically enabled but not used. The infographic below, which is provided to us by the  fine folks at WhoIsHostingThis, will lay out for you some of the things you can do to try improving your site’s performance without breaking the bank.

Speed Up Your WordPress Blog  (Infographic)

Speed Up Your WordPress Blog - Infographic

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