Top 20 WordPress Cherry Framework Themes

How long has it been since you redesigned your website? Hopefully, not too long: keeping your web page up-to-date is worth the investment. Plus, these days the investment doesn’t have to be that big. If yours is a Word Press-powered website, you will only need a couple of days and several dozens of dollars to get a brand new design for it.

That is possible with ready-made design templates for WordPress, and below you’ll find a selection of twenty great WordPress Cherry Framework Themes that will make a stunning website in virtually any industry. Here’s why you should get one of them:

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To Save Time and Money

All these designs look professional and function flawlessly – but they’ll cost you less than a hundred dollars, and will take only several days to install and set up. Sure, a design from scratch will make your website more unique, but with an out-of-the-box theme you get a new website in no time!

To Be Mobile User-Friendly

The share of Internet users who browse the web on mobile devices is constantly growing, so you want to have a website that is handy for them to use. With one of the templates we selected, your website will adapt to the screen sizes of mobile devices and will look stunning on any smartphone.

To Get a Personalized Design

Based on Cherry framework, the themes are very flexible and easy to customize. You can remove the elements you don’t need or replace the images easily. In the end, you will have a personalized design that will serve the unique needs of your business.

To Get Licensed Images

If you like a theme as it is and want to use it on your website without any changes, feel free to do so! You get a license on all the images used in the design, so don’t worry about copyright issues.

To Choose from Hundreds of Themes

Haven’t found the right design among these twenty? Go to the provider’s website: TemplateMonster is the biggest collection of commercial WordPress themes available online.

To Receive Assistance and Support

Most likely you won’t be able to install and set up a theme yourself. TemplateMonster offers expert help with installing and customizing your theme, and provides round-o-clock support to all its customers.

Does that sound convincing? Let’s move on to the templates then and pick the perfect design for your revamped WordPress website.

Clean Investment  WordPress Cherry Framework Themes

Clean Investment WordPress Cherry Framework  Themes

Details | Demo

Ultimate Fitness  WordPress Theme

Ultimate Fitness WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Hotel – Red Contrast Hotels WordPress Template

Monochrome with prominent dark red accents, this responsive theme looks very stylish, especially with the black-and-white images in the lightbox. It’s a pretty neutral and universal design, but it will work especially well for a modern hotel.

Red Contrast Hotels WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Glossy Portfolio – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Template

Using a dark metallic background, this design looks glossy and stylish. The grid is perfect for displaying photography works, so this template will make a great photographer’s portfolio.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Stylish Gray – Low Saturation Night Club WordPress Design

This monochrome design with bold pink accents looks stylish and attention-grabbing. It’s perfect for a night club’s website.

Low Saturation Night Club WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Horse Breeds – Horse Responsive WordPress Theme

With its background of rich brown wood and pleasantly colored lightbox photos, this big-resolution design looks incredibly warm. It is just right for a website on horses.

Horse Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Exotic Aquarium – Fish Responsive WordPress Design

Eye-catching and boldly colored, like the exotic fish themselves, this design is perfect for a website on tropic aquarium fish.

Fish Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Health Care – Ascetic Medical WordPress Theme

This big-resolution mobile-ready template uses a reserved color scheme, but still looks pretty modern. It’s a tasteful choice for a home health care services agency.

Ascetic Medical WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

State-of-the Art Tattoos – Tattoo Business WordPress Template

Black leather background and unusual fonts are what gives this design a unique style and atmosphere. Dark and slightly underground, it’s perfect for a tattoo salon’s website.

Tattoo Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Urban – City Portal Responsive WordPress Design

Dark gray and minimalistic, this design has an urban look. It will work well for a big city portal.

City Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Growing Crops – Agriculture WordPress Theme

This sleek responsive theme uses an unusual shade of dark violet, lovely lightbox photos, and nicely designed icons. It’s a great choice for an agriculture-related website.

Agriculture WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Slim & Light – Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Template

This clean big-resolution theme has original lightbox and header menu designs. With lots of white, the theme looks light, which is just right for a weight loss website.

Weight Loss Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Professional Attorney – Law Responsive WordPress Theme

With an interesting background and a reserved color scheme, this theme looks very pleasant and professional. It’s a perfect design for a law firm’s website.

Law Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Creative Tattoos – Tattoo Art Salon WordPress Design

This dark mobile-friendly design looks trendy and modern, with the big lightbox that can feature the best works of a tattoo salon.

Tattoo Art Salon WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Homes – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Template

Using big elements and simple straight lines, this clean and stylish design harmonizes with the images of modern homes. It’s a great template for a real estate agency or an architecture firm.

Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Professional Protection – Security Responsive WordPress Theme

With its reserved color scheme, this big-resolution design looks smart and professional. It will make a great website for a security services provider.

Security Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Charity Work – Charity Foundation WordPress Design

This simple and clean responsive theme is livened up with the images in the prominent lightbox. It looks neutral, but pretty trendy, and will work well for a charity organization.

Charity Foundation WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Original Models – Model Agency WordPress Theme

This clean mobile-ready design has several original details, like the header menu and the logo. The grid it uses is perfect for displaying the photos of models, so this theme will be a good fit for a model agency’s website.

Model Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Creative Designs – Creative Agency WordPress Template

Dark and simple, this responsive big-resolution design looks pretty stylish. It will work well for a creative design studio.

Creative Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pure White – Marketing Business WordPress Theme

Monochrome with black-and-white photos, this design is brightened up with cyan details. It looks minimalistic and very stylish, and will be a great choice for a modern marketing agency.

Marketing Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


We’ve shared Top 20 WordPress Cherry Framework Themes for your blog. These themes are fully responsive and HTML5 ready. Check out these WordPress Cherry Framework themes.

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