Now I Understand The Real Truth! Writing Is Never an Act But A Habit

I’ve seen so many new bloggers asking other bloggers how they can become a good writer and how to solve the problem of writers block. This has been a very difficult thing to deal with for some bloggers even some of the already established ones.

However, there’ve also been lots of answers that different people has provided for this issue and if you search the internet, you will peoples views and opinions on that which is also awesome but yet, some people are still asking the same question over and over again.

The truth is that writing just like any other thing in life is not very easy to master but, anyone can that is committed and dedicated can do it really well. There is nothing that can be too hard for a prepared and determined soul to achieve, believe it or not.

Writing Habit

So, how can you become good in writing?

Before I will answer that question, I will like to ask you a simple question…….. How did you learn to ride a bicycle? Give me your answer on the comment section below but, do that after you’ve finished reading this post.

Here is my own answer: The only way to learn how to ride a bicycle is by practicing it. There is no one that God created and just endowed him with the knowledge of how to ride a bicycle. Well all started by practicing it.

And, I remembered how many times I fell down before I learnt how to ride it. But, falling is also part of the game… Isn’t it? It’s always a matter of taking a baby step anyway. You might fall 10 times while learning anything but; it will always get better as time goes on.

When I started blogging the first time, I was a disaster in Microsoft Word but today, I can seat down and write 5000 words article within a space of 2 hours even without doing any research. How did I achieve this? I made it a habit.

You see, I so much believe in habit and, it has been working for me. This is why I said that, writing should be a habit and, not an act. What I mean is that you can only get better at something you constantly practice.

The more often you write, the more good you become at writing and, it will come to a time when you will not be finding it difficult again to write or to come up with post topics, it will just be coming naturally.

That is why the great Napoleon Hill the author of “Think and Grow Rich” and many other books made it clear in his statement that….

We are what we repeatedly do therefore; excellent is never an act but a habit.

Have you seeing where I’m coming from? I guess you now understand the message I’m trying to pass across.  My advice is therefore, that you start writing from today at least, you can make it a daily to-do task that: You must write at least, 400-500 words article everyday for the next 30 days.

Believe me, if you can decide on this and stick by it, you will soon become a super writer. It does not have to take a human head before you can start writing well or before you can become a proficient writer, it will only cost you constant practice and, you will see that you’re a genius.

So, I challenge you today, stop looking for answers on how to become a good writer because, the solution is already in your hands, it’s now a matter of you making use of it.

My friend Enstine Muki started writing on daily basis after he created his new blog and believe me, he can now write more than he used to 4 months ago. You can ask him if I’m lying.

Therefore, if you’re still out there looking for solutions for this same issue then, you’re simple lazy and, you don’t want to help yourself.

Do you want to be a proficient writer? Just make writing a habit as I did and, the result will definitely astound you. Remember to come back here and share the experience with us.

Your Turn

This is my own honest opinion and, I’m sure you might agree or disagree with me in one way or the other so, I will like to hear your own opinion on this, what do you think about all I said here? Do you have another way through which one can become a great writer? Please, let’s further the discussion on the comment section.

And please, don’t forget to tweet and share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it. I’m sure some of them might also be asking same question.

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